Little Blossom Play Centre having their presence in Vadodara since 17 years, now a renowned name for education for Little Champs. We understand that preschool is the first place a child gains a sense of individuality, which is why we provide an environment where children can explore their infinite potential. With the best-in-class education methods and activities, learning is always fun. Little Blossom helps each child discover her individual learning style, and inculcates a love for learning in her early years, making it a joyful experience.

The Little Blossom system of education grooms the kids in such a manner that a child prepare his/her mind to work in a practical form. This practical system supports a kid in his/her life to accept all kinds of challenges in life. Little Blossom approach is over 17 years old, well researched on physiology of the kids. It helps each child to obtain his full potential.
Potential, thoughts, activities, IQ level of all kids are different. We have designed our system of education which will support all students.
Latest technology of IT & Electronic is the right way, by which we can provide a right education platform to our kids from the beginning. It is virtually recession free sector and offers a unique noble opportunity to make good fortune while re-paying the society through contribution towards the brighter future of children. Little Blossom leaves no stone unturned in transforming children into future pillars of family, society and nation.

Date: 19/10/2015
Subject Title: About Navratri Celebration
Descritpion: Little Blossom play centre had celebrated Navratri, the festival of nine forms of Hindu goddesses.
Seema Contractor
Commerce graduate B.com(M.S)
CD Course, Powerfly from gujarat flying club
Visharth in bharatnatyam

Vijaya Ravindra Joshi
B.Sc. From St. Xavier University (Ahmedabad)
B.Ed. From M.S.University
24 years teaching experience
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